The Work

Gunpowder and Femme

Photo by Sienna Shane -  Gunpowder and Femme - November 2017

Photo by Sienna Shane - Gunpowder and Femme - November 2017

The company's first work, Gunpowder and Femme, premiered at Reno Little Theater in November of 2017. 

Broken into two parts, the company explores both the collateral effects of gun violence and what it means to be both feminine and strong in one's resolve. 

In Act I, the show will shed light on the harrowing effects of gun violence in our nation. According to Gary Younge, author of "Another Day in the Death of America," seven children are killed due to gun violence on any given day in the US. This shocking number is at the crux of our mission to bring awareness to the careless homicides of our nation's youth. Our mission is not to sway you one way or another, but to bring to light the fact that we could all benefit from opening our hearts to one another and turning away from violence. 

In Act II, the company explores femininity, strength, and the way a woman relates to herself. In Laura Kipnis' novel "The Female Thing," she explains that women are "left straddling two rather incompatible positions. Feminism and femininity are in a big catfight, nowhere more than within each individual female psyche." So how do we reconcile our femininity with feminism? Or do we? 

The Poetry Movement

Photo by Sienna Shane-  The Poetry Movement - July 2018

Photo by Sienna Shane- The Poetry Movement - July 2018

The company's second work premiered July 2018 as part of Reno, Nevada's Artown Festival. 

A site-specific work taking place at the historic Levy House, now home to Sundance Books and Music, The Poetry Movement brought together local choreographers, local, published poets, and dancers for two evenings of poetry inspired dance. 

The show was co-produced by Around the Stage Modern Dance Company, Nevada Humanities, and Sundance Books and Music. 

Nevada Humanities’ Literary Crawl - 2018

Dance Artists Perform at the Nevada Museum of Art - September 2018

Dance Artists Perform at the Nevada Museum of Art - September 2018

Collateral & Co. performed two pieces at Nevada Humanities’ Literary Crawl on September 15, 2018.

The pieces celebrated the poetry of Dr. Joseph N. Crowley with two performances at Sundance Books and Music in their front garden and gave audiences a sneak peak of the company’s next work incorporating the new poetry of Gailmarie Pahmeier, recipient of Nevada Art Council's Fellowship Grant, and the state of Nevada and its landscapes at The Nevada Museum of Art and Bibo Coffee Co.



Inspired by the poetry of Gailmarie Pahmeier, this multi-media dance performance presented by Collateral & Co. Contemporary Dance Company and the Nevada Museum of Art explored the landscape of Nevada through choreography, photography, and film.

Gailmarie Pahmeier is a recipient of Nevada Art Council’s esteemed Project Fellowship Grant. Pahmeier  has spent the last year traveling to various Nevada state parks, taking two-day residencies, composing narratives about her experience, focusing primarily on the people she encounters in these often remote places, with some attention paid to the landscape. Like Pahmeier, Collateral & Co. has traveled to three Nevada State Parks: Washoe Lake State Park, Wild Horse Reservoir, and Valley of Fire, and has taken photographic and videographic evidence of their time at these parks, exploring how their differences and similarities combine to make them inherently Nevadan.

Through Gailmarie Pahmeier’s poetry and the company’s own travels, Collateral & Co. brought the vast and ever changing beauty of Nevada’s landscape to the Nevada Museum of Art for two nights of poetry, film and dance.

This program was supported, in part, by the Nevada Arts Council, a state agency, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.




Dust Settled is the continued exploration of and sequel to Dust Horizon, an evening-length work performed at the Nevada Museum of Art in April 2019. Like Dust HorizonDust Settled is the next installment in Collateral & Co. Contemporary Dance Company’s movement exploration of the Nevada landscape and the Nevada-inspired poetry of Gailmarie Pahmeier. This 60 minute show features choreography inspired not only by the poetry of Ms. Pahmeier, but also poetry inspired by the choreography of Collateral & Co. written by two new guest poets, Joanne Mallari and Melanie Perish. Premiering at Wingfield Park as part of Artown’s Dancing in the Park Series, this evening-length dance performance will further examine the Nevada landscape in the heart of Downtown Reno. Featuring dance and poetry inspired by Washoe Lake State Park and Valley of Fire State Park, Collateral & Co. investigates what it means to be a Nevadan after the sun has set and the dust has settled.